BOC Brings Powerful TV and Radio Advertisement Campaigns to NJ/NY

Published: 14th June 2011
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BOC Partners help NJ Marketing Departments with an effective combination of Radio Advertisement and TV Advertising to the NJ and NY Metro Markets. With the powerful effect of TV advertisements on local marketing campaigns, NJ Advertising strategies can receive a much-needed boost in ratings. Combine this with Radio Advertisement and Print advertising and you have an overall winning marketing strategy.

Television Advertisements as a Marketing Strategy

A recent survey discovered that people on average spend up to five hours a day watching television. It is a known fact that people of all age groups, races and backgrounds watch television on a daily basis. With its wide range of viewers advertising on television helps companies reach a large number of viewers simultaneously. An advertisement that airs during prime time viewing hours provides a company with a cost effective strategy to reach a mass audience.

It is also well known in the advertising world that people respond to and retain visual information longer than information offered in audio or text form. Automotive campaigns do extremely well on television with their visual appeal to a target audience. This is the power behind TV Advertising that has helped companies grow from obscurity to profitability with the most effective use of its advertising dollars.

NJ Advertising firms can take advantage of this great tool with BOC TVís advertisements. BOC uses high quality graphics that help bring the message home to potential customers. These graphics help reinforce the companyís message and has a greater effect on the targeted audience. The customers will remember the information provided in a graphic longer than information they hear in an audio message. These commercials run during dayparts and primetime in the New Jersey and New York Metro markets. BOC has experience creating advertisements for the Automotive Market, such as affiliate automobile dealerships or national corporations.

Radio Advertisements Help Raise Awareness In a Target Market BOC Partners also helps with Radio Advertisements. Radio ads will be heard on many of the popular stations in the NJ Marketing area, such as WCBS, WBBR, and WINS NY. This combination of advertisements for both TV and Radio in the NJ and NY Metro areas is very lucrative for businesses seeking exposure in these target markets.

How A Combined Strategy Becomes A Winning Combination

BOC helps with optimum measurement of audience viewership, particularly in dayparts and primetime for NJ advertising campaigns. NJ Marketing organizations striving to combine television, radio and print advertisements as a combined effort will benefit from BOCís TV campaigns.

The audio advertisements will help raise awareness about the organization and its offerings, as well as encourage listeners to look for the companyís ad on television. This helps increase the effectiveness of TV marketing campaigns, already one of the most powerful marketing strategies to a level where Web and print advertising campaigns cannot compete. Those who are seeking to reach the automotive niche in the New York and New Jersey markets should consider this kind of advertising strategy.

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